By | February 15, 2018

Everything in Las Vegas is entertaining, but there are certain places that are better than others. The casinos are sure entertaining, and there are all kinds of shows to catch, too. It is time for you to discover some of the best in entertainment in Las Vegas NV.

One of the biggest entertainers in Las Vegas is Wayne Newton. As mentioned, there are lots of shows to catch, but for this round of entertainment, why not go to Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah? Enjoy a tour, and check out all the exotic animals, including the Arabian horses. This attraction is said to be really unique, and there are all kinds of collectible cars to see.

What is more entertaining than the Mob Museum? It is located on 300 Stewart Avenue, and it is a really cool place to visit that features interactive exhibits. The museum is located in what used to be the old post office. The building has three floors of fun waiting for you.

Have you ever seen the Counts Kustoms TV show? It is a pretty cool show, and you can stop by and see the place where it all happens. People talk about getting to talk to some of the people that do the show, and that’s pretty cool. You don’t get to see Danny at the shop, but he does do a meet and greet at a local establishment on Tuesdays.

If you want to be entertained, one of the best places to visit is the downtown area. If you visit Las Vegas downtown, you are going to want to pair that with Fremont Street. It will be a whole lot of fun for sure, and great food, too.

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is on the strip, so you can check this out as you are stopping by all the other places in that area of Vegas. Experience the Richard Petty driving experience and so much more. According to reviews, there are sometimes different and special experiences waiting for you at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway depending on when you visit.

Have I covered some of the best in Las Vegas entertainment for you? You most certainly will be entertained if you make it by these wonderful attractions while you are visiting Vegas. Perhaps downtown Vegas and Fremont Street would be a great starting point before you hit the strip.